Let us answer your questions

What is RBXIDLE?

RBXIDLE is a mining program that helps you earn rewards from your computer! How it works is your computer is solving hard math equations to help support the blockchain through verifying transactions. In simple terms, you get paid for your computer's processing power. We convert the earnings to different rewards you can see in the rewards tab of the application, which include various gift cards, virtual prizes, and discord nitro. RBXIDLE is constantly being updated and expanded to help increase your earnings, most notably we are working on adding the ability to sell excess bandwidth through our application and other non mining opportunities.

Is RBXIDLE bad for my computer?

No, while mining in general has a bad stigma around it, this was mainly caused by bad actors using mining in a malicious way. GPU usage while mining is comparable to playing a game such as COD, with no reported issues arising in over 100k users. Feel free to do some research of your own!

How do I start mining?

By clicking the green start button located on the main screen of the miner, you are able to start mining. You can tell if your GPU is supported by looking above the start button. If your GPU says it is unsupported we recommend you use our other website, Rbxsite.com instead. While we aim to eventually support all GPUs, GPU’s that aren’t as strong don’t earn as much and are harder to mine with. If your GPU says supported, turbo, or max you are all set to begin mining by pressing start! Do note it can take up to 30 minutes for your balance to first update each time you start mining (This is due to setup time the miner takes to ensure everything is working properly, and the time for the first block to be verified).

I had an issue starting mining, what should I do?

There are a variety of different possibilities for issues when starting to mine, you can join our discord server here to open a ticket with our support members. Some things you can try in the meantime are: Ensure your GPU is supported, you won’t be able to mine if your computer isn’t. Make sure that RBXIDLE is whitelisted in your Antivirus, if your antivirus is blocking the miners it won’t be able to start (If you have questions how to do this check below). Closing and reopening the application, or uninstalling and reinstalling can often fix any issues you have mining as well.

What are levels and how do they work?

The level system allows for you to earn extra free prizes simply by mining for extended periods of time! You earn XP points towards the next level every 5 minutes or so, and even more when your balance increases. These rewards range from points being added to your balance, to Pets, which can help to increase your overall earnings. Pets can be very valuable to you over time, since they each have different perks, it is important to read through which one you want to actively use. To change which one you have set active, check the home screen of the miner, on the right side you can click on the pet area to change which one is set to active. Progressing farther in the level system allows you to earn greater rewards, and unlock pets that have even bigger bonuses. The levels reset every so often, so make sure to get as far as you can on each set! Every time the levels reset, it allows you to have a new opportunity to earn more rewards completely free!

How can I earn more points while mining?

There are several ways you can earn more points mining. Since it takes about 30 minutes to start earning points initially when you hit start, leaving the miner on for longer periods of time will help you earn more points. Another easy way to increase earnings is equipping a pet for a bonus. These pets can be found in the level tab, and are claimable by clicking CLAIM when you have enough XP for that level. To equip them click on the right side of the program when on the home screen. These pets can give bonuses up to 2.5% extra earnings, which after time can be a huge increase! You can also invite your friends to earn points with you on the same account, just have them download the program and enter your Private Key, their earnings will be added to your balance and you can all mine at the same time (*Note: Your Private Key acts as your account, anyone that has it can steal your funds so make sure you trust anyone who has this). An alternative way to increase earnings is through enabling IDLE mode, which can be found in the last tab in the application. IDLE mode lets RBXIDLE automatically start in the background whenever there hasn’t been a mouse movement in the past 5 minutes. When you come back to your computer the miner will stop as soon as it detects a mouse movement. This means that you can earn more when you aren’t using your computer, it's hardly noticeable at all and can give you a significant boost over time.