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How Does it Work?

Read below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

RBXIDLE is a program that mines crytpocurrency on your computer, which is then exchanged for robux in order for you to withdraw. Common questions are answered below.
You actually can, however it wouldn't be nearly as profitable as using RBXIDLE. This is due to a few reasons:

With RBXIDLE’s different methods for earnings, you are able to earn more rewards than you would mining on your own using a different pool. On top of this, RBXIDLE doesn’t have a set minimum for withdrawals, where with many pools you’d need to mine for several days to have a chance at meeting the minimum. Additionally, there isn’t a withdrawal fee so you aren’t losing from your withdrawal.
RBXIDLE offers a multitude of ways to earn, the main being the mining function. When enabled, this utilizes your computer hardware when you are not using it and earns you R$. RBXIDLE also has a level progression system users of RBXSITE may be familiar with, as well as promo codes released often in our discord server, and "pets" that offer unique earning bonuses! RBXIDLE offers a multitude of ways to earn. This includes mining, bandwidth sharing, level rewards, and our giveaway system! We even have a setting that, when enabled, allows the program to automatically mine when the computer is idle. This means you can earn even when you don’t start the program, so checking in out it every once in a while is all you have to do! Level rewards are based on the amount you earn in addition to the time you spend mining. For users with lower end hardware, this is a great way to earn rewards without needing a powerful computer. Lastly, users that are actively mining are automatically entered in a giveaway that gives a chance at additional rewards every 30 minutes!
Our goal is to be as transparent with our users as possible. If you have any questions feel free to ask in our Reddit or Discord. If you have any questions about how mining affects your hardware, feel free to do your own research or check out this video here which shows a comparison between a mined on GPU and gamed on GPU. Happy earning!


Below are some of the main features of RBXIDLE

Easy Earning

RBXIDLE can run in the background while you use your computer, or even be set up to run only when your're not actively using it!

Bonus rewards

Your base mining rewards are only part of it - earn bonus rewards for uptime, level progression, promo codes, events, and more are available!

No effort required

Set RBXIDLE settings to your liking and leave it alone. That's it. You only have to come back to claim bonus rewards and withdraw!

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