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How Does it Work?

Read below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

RBXIDLE is a program that mines crytpocurrency on your computer, which is then exchanged for robux in order for you to withdraw. Common questions are answered below.
You actually can, HOWEVER it wouldn't be nearly as profitable as using RBXIDLE. This is due to a few reasons:

1. You can buy robux for $10 every 1000 on the ROBLOX website. Meaning: every $10 you earn mining yourself, you can exchange that for 1000 robux (not including tax). RBXIDLE rewards you robux at a rate of 1000 every $3.5-$7 earned, depending on active events/uptime bonuses/pets and not including codes etc. This means on average, you will earn about 2x the robux mining with RBXIDLE than you would mining yourself.

2. Mining pools have a minimum cashout requirement. The only way to receive rewards in a reasonable amount of time would be to join a mining pool. These pools have payout requirements that you must hit before your rewards are deposited in your wallet. RBXIDLE's minimum cashout requirement is only 10 robux!

You may be asking, "How does RBXIDLE pay so much more, and still make a profit?". The answer is that we have partnered with ROBLOX game developers who want to sell the robux they earn in order to make a profit for themselves. ROBLOX rates for buying thier robux back aren't nearly as good as $10 per 1000, and they need to aquire a minimum of 250,000 robux in order to cashout. So, we are able to aquire bulk robux for cheaper rates.
RBXIDLE offers a multitude of ways to earn, the main being the mining function. When enabled, this utilizes your computer hardware when you are not using it and earns you R$. RBXIDLE also has a level progression system users of RBXSITE may be familiar with, as well as promo codes released often in our discord server, and "pets" that offer unique earning bonuses!
Our goal is to be as transparent with our users as possible. This information can also be found on our website at https://rbxidle.com and in our discord server: here. A copy of this information is also supplied when you download RBXIDLE. Any further questions you may have can be answered in our discord server. Happy earning, and come say hi sometime! - Tox


Below are some of the main features of RBXIDLE

Variable Mining

Adjust your settings to use as much or as little mining power as you'd like!

Bonus rewards

Your base mining rewards are only part of it - earn bonus rewards for uptime, level progression, pets, promo codes, events, and more are available!

No effort required

Set RBXIDLE settings to your liking and leave it alone. That's it. You only have to come back to claim bonus rewards and withdraw!

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