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We provide services for free, especially the Automated Trading Platform to generate consistent profits in a simple, smart and proven way

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Full expert support We provide full service 7/24 to maximize your trading, our services include providing free daily signals and analysis

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With our more than a decade of experience, we are always innovating and updating the logic of automated trading tools to keep our platform up and running

Top technical analysis

Our team of analysts always research the market to get the best analysis results in the hope of providing maximum benefits for all members

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Pesanan Diterima “Robot telah saya test, target $10 setiap kali Run, stake $0.35, marti 2.15. Robot ini profitable”

Agus - Manokwari

Robot Oke Makasih admin , bot udh diterima , trial kemarin hasil oke ditunggu update nya

Veby - Bogor

Konsisten Betul Sejauh memakai program ini, bisa hasilkan pasif income yang konsisten. Terus berinovasi KinerjaTrade 🙂

Curiena - Jakarta

Sebulan saya bisa dapat 30%, tanpa menganggu aktivitas. Trading sendiri ternyata lebih bisa memberikan keuntungan buat saya. Thanks utk seluruh team KinerjaTrade yg selalu memberikan bimbingan kepada saya,

M Chaerul Anwar – Depok

Mantap dan bagus Gan, yang mau belajar beli alat yang tepat. Semoga barokah dan sukses

May - Jakarta

Frequently Asked Questions

Kinerja-Trade provides various services for free, especially the Automated Trading Platform to generate consistent profits in a simple, smart and proven way to work.

Kinerja-Trade is a premium quality trading tool at broker driven by AI and EA models, Quant & Mathematical.

The answer is NO. We do not recommend you to make your own settings if you are not experienced in the world of trading. We have developed the bot using the latest advances in AI Technologies, Sentiment Analysis, Quantitative Mathematical & Financial Models.

Yes!, your funds are very safe and remain in your own account on your exchange, because this tool already uses API technology, which makes funds not need to be moved anywhere.

Using these TOOLS is like something that will simplify your life by automating trades and over time it will perform better than humans and will achieve huge returns over others. Always adjust the profit you expect with the resilience of the capital you have.

Because more than 90% of investors and traders lose their money, because of the 24/7 market, with high volatility that makes it difficult to make a decision to buy or sell. Many important data, signals and sentiment analysis are difficult for humans to interpret. Kinerja-Trade is here to overcome these obstacles.

Always be wary of anyone who promises investors constant daily or monthly returns on their money invested in a company. What we can promise you is a stable return over a certain period of time, but as usual in trading forex or other assets there must be a risk, but in this tool we have created a technology that minimizes these risks.

No, these tools are made for use by all of our members and we especially use them among ourselves, and we only take advantage of exchanger services (serving the deposit and withdrawal process)

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